:: Retouching – creating an image for a client advert ::

This commission was for a client advert that they were designing in-house, but they needed some retouching applied.

The brief was for a concept named ‘Myth busting’ and they wanted something historical to be combined with a range of speaker cables they produce. My initial idea was to use Medusa from Greek mythology and have the cables as the snakes from her head. The Medusa character was too aggressive looking though, and as the caption was ‘myth busting’, we decided on using the Renaissance sculpture of David by Michaelangelo.

To start this, I first selected the image of David above from a stock library and cut it out of the background and made the contrast a little darker.

Then I needed to cut out the cable from the image below.

When this was done, I also cut out the hair from the statue and made it darker, so that the effect would look more realistic when the cables were added in.

Then I added the first cable, retouched it into the hairline, and then added the other cables at different angles and orientations until I got the final result desired.