:: Retouching – creating a brochure cover in Adobe Photoshop ::

I always include this in my portfolio as it has a story behind it. I created this image around about 1994 whilst working for a design agency using Photoshop 3.0 – the first version of Photoshop to introduce layers!

The brief here was to create a series of brochures for Lombard, that would be handed out to clients in one folder. On this particular brochure, they wanted something to represent the tech industry, so after brainstorming, we decided upon something to do with computers.

The binding theme on all of these brochures was that Lombard was number one in the financing field, so all of them had something representing a ‘1’.

So after we decided what images would be on each cover, I set about making the image above. Now because this was 1994, Photoshop didn’t have the ability to transform or skew. The ‘1’ was an actual circuit board created in that shape especially for this cover.

To get the chips on there, I took the cover of an Apple Mac and photographed the motherboard. Then I retouched that onto the circuit board, using layers masks in their infancy stage.,

Once happy with how it looked, I got the stock image of the robotic hand and added it in a grip look.