:: 3D – Creating a golfball on a golf course scene ::

This is another 3D image I created for a software training company. The brief was to reflect something created using a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dimension.

The first thing I did was to find a suitable stock image of a beautifully green lawn. This picture needed to have some perspective, to add more realism and a natural look to the final render. I chose the image above, imported it into Dimension and then went about creating the golf ball.

For the logo, I had already created this in Adobe Illustrator, so I opened up Dimension and created a sphere as above. Because golf balls have that unique pattern, I chose an octahedron fill in the ball shape to make it more realistic.

Next I imported the logo onto the ball and placed it so that it looked as if the ball had been rolling. Then I lit the scene and used directional lighting to give the impression of a late afternoon sun, and to cast a shadow.

Once this scene had rendered, I opened the Photoshop file and added a tilt blur at the top and bottom to bring the ball into the centre of attention and add depth of field.